Taylor Swift’s Latest Music Video For ‘Style’

Taylor Swift’s Latest Music Video For ‘Style’

It possibly Friday thirteenth however our luck has became thanks to Taylor Swift dropping the music video for her new single, ‘style’ really awesome.

It’s for the third single to be taken from 1989 and rumours were swirling considering that the album release that the song is ready a unique Harry Styles. This video absolutely does not do some thing to dispell those whisperings – correctly, it drops various suggestions that the area of ‘style’ is certainly Mr Styles himself.

Captured in Los Angeles And directed by means of Kyle Newman (Jaime King’s hubby), it elements candid pictures of Taylor being her trademark giggly-and-girlie self and she looks more whimsical than ever in white frocks teamed with a basic red lip – however there is additionally a more sensual, critical facet to this one.

She makes use of projections and artsy mirror photographs so as to add a dream-like side and check out these floaty hand actions a la Kate Bush and It’s all very reminiscent of the ’80s.

However it’s that aeroplane necklace which seems proper at the begin with the intention to have Tay-Tay fanatics having a meltdown. You may also recollect that is the necklace that Taylor and Harry shared throughout the peak of their 2012 relationship. She also referenced “your necklace placing from my neck” in ‘Out of the Woods’, an additional song allegedly about the boybander. If that is now not a most important CLUE, we do not what’s.

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